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It is always vital to offer high-end security to your business and office spaces. Even a small lock repair or an issue with the master key system in business premises can claim a huge loss, and hence needs to be addressed immediately. Galaxy Locksmith Store is a name that you can trust for all your business locksmith requirements in Norton, MA area. From replacing old locks and duplicating keys to installing high-security locks, we take care of all your security requirements.

Why choose us?

Our motto is to offer complete protection to your business space from theft and intruders. Be it anywhere in the Norton, MA area, we are always there to reach you on time and address your security needs. While there are many locksmith firms available in Norton, MA area, our wide range of locksmith services and quick response time has made us the most sought-after service provider. We have a team of professional locksmiths that is skilled and trained not only to address your lock issues but also to provide you guidance on upgrading the security system of your office. With more than a decade of experience in locksmith services in Norton, MA, we will monitor all your lock systems to check if they are working with the expected standards.

We provide a wide range of business locksmith services such as:Galaxy Locksmith Store Norton, MA 508-266-5952

Master key system: 

When you plan to take your business to the next level and move on to a multistoried building, a master key system will help you control access to different rooms and levels. You can just use a single key to access the entire premise.

Lock repair: 

Can you imagine leaving your premises unattended with a repaired lock? For any kind of lock repair or any business locksmith issue you can reach Galaxy Locksmith Store. We will get your locks repaired on time. 

High-security lock:

Business security is always very vital and requires high-security locks. Galaxy Locksmith Store can assess your property and can let you know the right lock system for your business.

Key Cutting Services: 

Galaxy Locksmith Store is the ideal choice for any key cutting services as our technicians can make you the right spare key with utmost precision. 

File Cabinet/Safe Lock Installation: 

Business documents and other valuable assets also require a safe place and Galaxy Locksmith Store will install high-end file cabinets and locks to protect your documents.

For all your business locksmith needs in Norton, MA, call us at 508-266-5952!